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About the Fellowship

The Africa Healthcare Innovation Fellowship is a groundbreaking program designed to transform the outcome of healthcare in Africa through innovation and technology.

This fellowship is designed as a comprehensive response to the urgent need and critical demand for healthcare professionals who are not only skilled but are also competent at co-creating innovative solutions specifically tailored to the unique challenges and contexts of the African landscape. It addresses the pressing need to equip these professionals with the knowledge, tools, capabilities and network to lead and innovate in a sector that is increasingly reliant on context-aware health interventions, technology-driven solutions, and sustainable practices that resonate with the diverse needs of the African population.

With an end-to-end learning curve, the fellowship encompasses four key phases: the InnovateHealth Boot camp, InnovateHealth Lab, InnovateHealth Challenge, and the InnovateHealth Network. Each phase is meticulously tailored to nurture and develop healthcare professionals into leaders of healthcare innovation, equipped to meet the challenges of today's rapidly evolving healthcare sector. From acquiring cutting- edge skills in our boot camp to applying knowledge in real-world scenarios within our lab, from competing in our challenge to win funding for groundbreaking solutions to joining an elite network of innovators, this fellowship is your gateway to becoming a leader in healthcare innovation in Africa.

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Why apply for the fellowship?

Applying for the Africa Healthcare Innovation Fellowship offers a plethora of unparalleled benefits tailored to empower healthcare professionals and innovators with the skills, experience, and networks necessary to drive significant impact in the healthcare sector. Here are seven key benefits participants will gain from this fellowship

Skill Enhancement in Healthcare Innovation
Practical, Real-World Experience
You will gain invaluable hands-on experience by applying your knowledge in the InnovateHealth Lab, where you can design, prototype, test, and refine healthcare solutions.
Exposure to Industry Leaders and Experts
You will connect with a network of leading healthcare professionals, innovators, and industry experts, opening doors to mentorship, collaboration, and insight into global best practices.
Competitive Platform for Innovation
You will have the chance to showcase your innovative healthcare solutions in the InnovateHealth Challenge, gaining visibility and support among potential investors, partners, and a wider audience.
Professional Development and Recognition
On completing the fellowship, you will gain professional recognition as a leader in healthcare innovation, enhancing your career prospects and establishing you as a key player in healthcare transformation.
Access to a Pan-African Network
You will receive an automatic access to become part of an elite network of healthcare innovators across Africa, fostering opportunities for collaboration, support, and shared learning, which will continue to benefit your career long after the fellowship concludes.

Who can apply?

The fellowship invites applications from all African healthcare professionals interested in co-creating and contributing to or pioneering the ideation, design, development, testing, and evaluation of healthcare innovation and digital health interventions in Africa. Whether you are seeking to enhance your skills, apply your knowledge in practical settings, or gain visibility and support for your innovative solutions, this fellowship is for you

Application Requirement

Applicants must submit the following to be considered for the Fellowship:

  • - A current CV detailing professional experience and achievements.
  • - A statement of purpose, outlining your interest in the fellowship and how you plan to contribute to healthcare innovation in Africa.
  • - Must be a citizen of any of the 5 countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda.

The deadline for applications is the 31st of March, 2024. Ensure all documents and requirements are submitted before this date to be considered for the fellowship.


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